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    Jay's Superior Fence Company provides its services to the Davis area. The services provided by our team are of the highest caliber. We install fences in a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, iron, and chain link.. Obtain the most effective safety measures for both your home and your business. Our company provides the very best commercial and industrial fencing available. We have everything you require to maintain order and safety at your location. We exclusively use materials of the highest possible quality. The strategies that we use for our fences are current. In order to ensure the longevity of your fence, our staff performs stringent quality checks. We are an industry leader in both commercial and residential fencing, having accumulated more than 17 years of experience between our employees. Get the best possible customer service right now!


    Our staff of security and quality control professionals will assure the success of your project. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service in the design, implementation, and maintenance of your project. Get the finest fences on the market at the best price.


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  • Davis Residential Fences

    Jay's Superior Fence Company in Davis provides you with the highest-quality service and materials for your residential fence


    Our skilled and conscientious team can design and install any kind of fence project. Our whole process is designed to make our customers feel less stressed. Our team of professionals who build and put up fences has worked on many different kinds of projects. This includes iron, wood, vinyl, chain link, and more. We will work with you every step of the way, from the first meeting to the end of the project. We've done it all in our 17 years of business, so you can be sure we know how important a safe fence is! We are a fence company in Davis that does it all.

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    Wood Fence Davis

    Redwood, Cedar & Pressure treated woods.

    We have a large range of wooden fences. There are numerous styles to pick from. Our wood fence builders will enhance the appearance of your residential property. Whether you are looking for a fence installation for a new contemporary wood fence or a dog wood fence, our experts have you covered. Always providing safety and visual attractiveness. Contact our expert craftsmen to get a one-of-a-kind fence. For more information, visit our Wood Fencing page under our services section

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    Vinyl Fence Davis

    PVC Fences

    You can count on our company to install or fix your vinyl fence.. A synthetic fence is a maintenance-free and durable fencing option property owners love!. Jay's Superior Fence Company has a wide range of vinyl options to choose from .You don't have to paint, dye, or sand vinyl fences, simply hose them down as needed to keep them looking good. This type of fencing systems will not rot or decay and are recyclable. For more information, visit our vinyl fencing page under our services section.

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    Chain Link Fence Davis

    Galvanized & Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences

    Businesses that want a fence that will last and won't break the bank often choose chain-link fencing. Compared to other types of fences that offer the same level of strength and visibility, this one is more cost effective. A steel fence doesn't need much upkeep, so it will always look good without a lot of work. Chain link fences can be purchased in galvanized steel or with a vinyl coating to better protect the metal fence. We offer different styles and designs for a nice addition to your landscape. For additional information, visit our chain-link fencing page under our services section.

  • Wrought-Iron-Fence-Installation-Fence Company-Davis, CA.

    Wrought Iron Fence Davis

    Metal & Aluminum Fences

    We value each one of our clients. That’s the reason why Davis homeowners and business owners can rely on our 17+ years of experience. We are experts in commercial and residential iron fencing.
    Our iron fences designs are meticulously done to match your installation requirements and budget. We will work with you to choose a fence from a range of types or to build a one-of-a-kind, durable wrought iron fencing system that will improve the security and curb appeal of your property. You may safely rely on us to expertly implement your concept on a timetable that works for you.

    Our elegant rod iron fences and gates will complement the exterior of your home or company. We have a variety of styles, each one tailored to your preferences and requirements, The metal fence will not require any extra attention during the first several years of installation.

    For more information, visit our rod iron fencing page under our services section.

  • Custom Fence Design Davis

    Have a design in mind?.

    Our trained installers can assist you with creating personalized fencing, gate designs, and more! Contact our fence specialists immediately if you need assistance with an existing design or coming up with new ideas. We welcome assisting our clients in developing original ideas that will improve the property.

    One of the major advantages of hiring us is a completely customizable fence project. If you have a suggestion, we will implement it. Regardless of the material or size, We accommodate all of your needs.
    We only use the finest materials.
    As a fence company, we offer a wide variety of alternatives.
    After you've chosen the material, you'll be able to peruse a choice of patterns.
    Construct your fence however you see fit. Designs for both business and residential settings.

    For more information, head over to our custom fencing page under our services section

  • Commercial Fencing Company in Davis

    We adhere to the highest standards of quality. Additionally, we specialize in providing services to all industries. Our company serves small, medium, and large companies. Regardless of the magnitude of your requirements, we will complete them with superior workmanship. Entrust the protection of your commercial property to professionals. Trust us to give you commercial metal fencing that is both durable and maintenance-free. Our products provide the highest level of security for high-traffic locations.

    For additional information, check out  our commercial fencing page under our service section

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  • Security Gates Davis

    Wrought-iron-fence-and-gate-Gate-Fence Company-Davis, CA.

    Security gates are important for businesses. Jay’s Superior Fence has the most effective choices for defending your company against any intruder or burglar. Our automatic gates will provide you with the security you seek.

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    Here at Jay’s Superior Fence, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to property security. It's possible that a fence with some ornamentation is required for a residential property.. Alternatively, commercial buildings could choose something robust and secure. Regardless of your needs and preferences, we provide a full range of options. Get in touch with us if you need a fence installed or repaired at your residence or place of business. We'll provide a no-cost estimate and are ready to answer any questions you may have about the installation or repair. Get a price estimate at no cost to you by calling (530) 309-1149 today!

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    We Love, Davis, California!

    Davis is a city located between Sacramento and San Francisco, CA. It's home to the the University of Davis, California. Although it's a college town, residents choose Davis to escape noise and commotion of big city life.


    There is no shortage of culture either. Wine lovers can head over to Great Bear Vineyards to pick up some bottles of their favorite Cabernet or Rose wine. For those who enjoy good theater, the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts will provide them with comfortable seats, a lovely amenities and memorable experiences.


    In our opinion, Davis is a great place to live and we are sure visitors will love the town as well. Be sure to stop in for an Aggies home game, assuming you can get tickets.


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    Businesses Love Davis, Too!

    Davis is a great location for entrepreneurs. Located close to Silicon Valley and the Port of San Francisco easy access to Interstate 80 and Interstate 5, makes Davis an ideal location for businesses to ship their products to consumers everywhere.  

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